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Surprise: We can't bury our problems

To anyone who’s paid attention to the fate of such technical “big fix” projects, since not long after the dawn of the industrial age, this should come as no surprise at all: We can’t rid ourselves of carbon dioxide (or nuclear waste, non-biodegradable garbage and countless other persistent pollutants) by hiding it underground. To do so assumes what is obviously false: that we have infinite storage space. Such waste is accumulating at an ever-increasing rate, and is already starting to overwhelm our capacity to sequester it.

Carbon sequestration

Carbon sequestration: the kind of “big fix” that
never really works.
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Self-serving corporate mouthpieces aside, who actually believes that we can safely and indefinitely inter carbon dioxide? For those who do: Read this article, and you’ll begin to appreciate the flaws in such reasoning — and that to call them “fatal flaws” is not hyperbole but sober precision.

Originally published as a review of a article on the hazards of
carbon-sequestration initiatives.

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